Saturday, 25 July 2009


We have Greg Wilson coming down to play at our night tonight which we are very excited about, so I had to post some 'Electro Funk'.

Electro Funk is a term coined by Greg to describe the music he was playing beck in early 80's at the likes of Wigan Pier and Hacienda. This is a little Gem produced by Richie Weeks in 1982 on Salsoul. Check out my other post on Richie Weeks here. Mr Weeks loved to dub his tunes out and this is no exception. Check the second half of this joint, its amazing.

Be Mine Tonight by Mr. Smith

A wee while ago I gave a friend of mine a CD of some boogie I was listening to at the time. He is a dubstep producer and said to me he'd like to sample some of these tunes slowed down to 33. It got me listening to some of my records all cosmic like, this was one of the interesting ones...

Be mine tonight 33rpm by Mr. Smith

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


When i go to visit my folks in sunny Addlestone (which isn't often enough apparently!) out near Weybridge I always drop into Archive to scour the stacks for hidden gems ... you really gotta drop into this place to see what I mean, the pictures i've posted only tell a bit of the story!

I've really only had the pleasure of checking this store out on a handful of occassions & I left a very happy man each time with new finds tucked under my arm, whatever you're looking for drop in and speak to Steve who owns, runs & catalogues his 300,000+ stockpile of records, seriously, it's THAT deep.

Some people who work in certain record stores* in the great city of London believe they are some kind of God's who should be worshipped because they work in a dusty shop & get paid minimum wage & own some LP's you don't (You know who you are!!), if like me you detest such an attitude whilst hunting down your holy grails then you'll be refreshed at how helpful, laidback & chatty Steve is when it comes to matters of the wax .. if he hasn't got it there, he'll try & find it for you!! Everything from Soul, Disco, Rock, Jazz, Dance, Soundtracks through to Comedy records, How's that for service?

Unfortunately we're in a time where kids with 30 records are using Serato & "DJ"s are increasingly turning their back on the vinyl in favour of more user friendly digital mediums which sound like shite & when used in a club it looks like said "DJ"s are checking their Emails in front of a crowd!
Don't get me wrong, I myself have recently embraced CDs as a medium to use in clubs when i'm playing out (almost the same theory behind playing records & alot easier for playing exclusive edits & remixes etc .. not to mention easier on the old back too!) & I'm by no means a "Digi-phobe", but how can you call yourself a "DJ" by pressing keys?
All of these factors are gradually contributing to the death of vinyl & consequently are shutting amazing little treasure troves like Steve's down & putting good people out of business ... such a shame.
Fortunately there are SOME people out there with their heads screwed on, just look at THIS article from last weekend's Mail on Sunday & keep supporting independent labels like MOTON, DISSIDENT & the others who keep supplying us fiends with wax.

Today's finds @ Archive Records, Addlestone:

1.Mick Jagger - "Just another night"(Extended mix) - CBS.
2.Colorado - "Space lady love" - Pinnacle.
3.Partners - "The last Disco in Paris" LP - Marlin / TK.
4.Mandre - "Two" LP - Motown.
5.Nytro - "Nytro" LP - Whitfield Records.
6.The Originals - "Down to love town" LP - Motown.

You can contact Archive Records HERE with enquiries, wantlists etc.


Revival records, Berwick St, W1F..

On the beat records, Hanway St, W1T..

Out on the floor records, Inverness St, NW1.

Nudge records, Hanbury St, E1.

Eldica vinyl & retro, Bradbury St, N16.

* NOT everybody!


This record has been getting a lot of play time in the house of Smith lately, its neither rare nor expensive, but I think maybe a bit slept on. Its the B side to the first single off Tashan's first album 'Chasin a dream'. For this, I think you should turn your hifi up very loud. Ten years ago I would have said roll one up, sit back and enjoy. These days I would just get paranoid, turn the music down and keep peeking out the window. I don't want you to do that so just turn it up, sit back and enjoy.

Out in 1986 on Def Jam. This could well be the rawest, heaviest R'n'B on the planet.

(just click on the arrow on the right to download 320kbps mp3)
Read my mind by Mr. Smith

Monday, 13 July 2009


Where is Sunshine Hotel? That's what I wanna know!! Never has a song about a brothel sounded so damn funky .. this track is a sure fire dancefloor filler, I've seen it do the job on many occassions.
Also, who the hell is Richard T. Bear? He's the big bearded, plaid shirt wearing dude who's singing about his love of the "Sunshine Hotel" & how you can just walk on in .. genius.

I thought this would be a great tongue in cheek record to kick the week off, a serious groove indeed, it seems to me that this was probably Richard's biggest & most well known record & it was taken off his only LP "Red, Hot & Blue" released in 1979. He was responsible for producing Inga Rumpf's track "Love potion no.9" in 1979 also.

"Sunshine Hotel .. Just come on in, no need to ring the bell"

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Friday, 10 July 2009


Its late Thursday night and I am not going to have any time to blog till Monday, so here is a quick little entry for you to get your weekend started. Brass Construction are a well documented band fronted by Randy Muller, to read more on them click.

Full 12inch version. Funky as hell.

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Changin by Mr. Smith

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


There is a bit of mystery surrounding this record. Firstly it is very similar to Punkin Machines 'I need you tonight'. I have only been able to track down the 7" release of Suzy Q 'tonight' and it has 'remix' next to the artist name rather than next to the title of the track which I thought was quite unusual. This was released a year after Punkin Machine released 'I need you tonight' on French label and distribution company Carrere. It is credited to being produced by Punkin Machines producer, Jerry Cucuzzella, for Quebec based record label JC Records (which also happens to be the same label 'I need you tonight' was released on).

I must say, I prefer the Punkin Machine version of this tune but don't have a copy of the original 12". I have an edit of it which cuts out the chorus and (in my opinion) doesn't do the original justice, so I don't play it out.

When I first put this record on my radar I found it hard to find anything out about it and that is why I have decided to post it. The sound quality is a wee bit poor due to it being ripped off a 7" but you will be able to hear how this is different to the Punkin Machine version. I would love to hear the album version of this song and if anyone has an mp3, please hit me up!



Friday, 3 July 2009


I know this is quite an old track now but I only heard it recently (Thanx Dam-Funk!) & was blown away by it's beauty, I hadn't heard anything quite like it. I did some research & found out it was (fairly) new & came from a beautiful woman called Ramona Gonzalez aka Nite Jewel.

Spacey, Lo-fi, Etheral & ghostly are words that sprang to mind on first listen, there's no point sitting here trying to list the influences that obviously inform her sound as they are so many but this is really special.
I don't have an MP3 to post up so you guys'll have to make do with a good ole Youtube clip of this track she released on uber cool label Italians do it better. Her other stuff is great too but this one is a standout for me personally ..



Italian electro versions of Led Zepplin songs I hear you say? Yes please!! This leftfield killer is from 1983 & was released on cult Italo label Fuzz Dance.
Not a lot is known of Barsotti & as far as i'm aware this was his biggest & only hit (I may be wrong .. If you've got further info please contact Ghetto Disco HQ).
This is one seriously dirty, sleazy record, Over the years i've heard a lot of covers of this Led Zepplin standard but this is my favourite (But the Blonde on Blonde version is also a guilty pleasure!).

I first came into contact with this track through legendary New Jersey DJ Tony Humphries "Choice" collection on Azuli, According to Humphries this was a big record at his infamous Zanzibar residency in New Jersey where he would dedicate a portion of the evenings selections to the more pitched down, scuzzy & slo-mo sounds that were on offer at the time, This was the period known as "The sleaze section". I have had this track in the bag since then & believe me it works!!

Below is the full 12" version for you enjoy & who knows? Maybe you'll have your own "Sleaze section" at home! Enjoy!

(Just click on arrow on right of player to download MP3 320Kbps)