Monday, 22 June 2009


YES. You read correctly! Northern Irish Disco Dance Finals! If ever there was a sentence that just didn't read right then this is it! Being a Northern Irish native & also being a big Disco record collector, fan & DJ I was totally amazed when i first set eyes on the clip you're about to watch ... "Disco dancin'? .. In Northern Ireland?" I said to myself in disbelief. Sure enough I rolled the clip & there it was -

With DJ impressario Emperor Rosko at the helm & sponsorship from the Trusthouse Forte (!) hotel group this competition was some serious shit! My favourite entrant (Who's section is suspiciously short) is John Henry at the very start who kicks things off to the sound of Harry Thurmann's "Underwater" which is an amazing record (At both speeds!) ... & John matches it with equally amazing dance moves, go on son! The thing that really cracks me up is the panel of so called "judges" , with the exception of the dancers & dance teachers on the panel what the fuck do the rest of them know about Disco? Or dancing?

I guess this clip shows the dizzy worldwide heights & hysteria that Disco caused, I mean, if people were getting down in Coleraine Northern Ireland to it that's really saying something!! I can really only say that this is pure video gold .. Thank you Youtube!!


Let's kick the week off with this killer from Canada's Thp Orchestra (Three Hats Productions), this track is taken off their 1977 album of the same name which was released on Butterfly Records & in more recent times it featured on BBE's "Disco Spectrum 2" which was lovingly compiled by Joey Negro. Rumour has it the title of the LP & the track is a misspelling which oddly kind of works! - "TWO hot for love".

For me, it's the super extended intro break which does it, it's a real builder! Perfect for that long mix ... I've seen this record go for all kinds of prices & it's not really one you see around much so i was lucky enough to find my copy for £1 in a basement somewhere near Balham.

Anyway, no-one likes a boaster! Here's the shorter edited version of the track for you to enjoy for now & if you see the LP floating around you should pick it up, it's got the full 15 min version on it & it's also got a killer break on side 2 (For all you beat heads & diggers out there) in the shape of "Theme from Black Orpheus" ... All that & the artwork is wicked too!!

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Sunday, 21 June 2009


This is some killer boogie right here. Produced by boogie maestro Ritchie Weeks, its a proper spaced out synth heavy slice of genius. More often than not I go for the dub of a record (if it has one) and this is no exception. Not that there is anything wrong with the album version, I just love the stripped down instrumental. If you are feeling it, be sure to check out Richie Weeks' other work. He produced stuff under The Jammers, L.U.S.T and also under his own name. In fact, I think I can feel a post on a Jammers record coming on...

This is from 1983 on Salsoul, it has Shep Pettibone in the mix and I am pretty sure thats Jocelyn Brown on backing vocals.

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If you looking for fun (dub) by Mr. Smith

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Here's a compilation that's shaping up to be "mix cd of the summer", Our good pals at Horse Meat Disco have picked, compiled & mixed "70 minutes of unadulterated disco nuggets" over 2 cd's (One mixed, the other unmixed).
There are some serious records on here, from K.I.D.'s percussive groover "Hupendi muziki wangu?" to Tamiko Jones' "other" amazing record "Let it flow" all blended together by the HMD boys, the album also comes with amazing artwork & packaging with some incredible photo's from the club & various nights the boys have DJ'ed at & also included are some liner notes written by Guardian journalist David Pascheck.

The album will be available from 10th August through STRUT. You can join Horse Meat Disco's Facebook fan page here for dates, gigs etc.

Here's the album tracklisting :

CD 1: Mixed by Jim Stanton and James Hilliard
01. Craig's phone message
02. Karen Young - Deetour
03. Eddie Drennon - Disco Jam
04. Empire Projecting Penny – Freakman
05. Smokey Robinson – And I Don’t Love You (Larry Levan Instrumental Dub)
06. K.I.D - Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! (You Don’t Like My Music)
07. Gino Soccio – It’s Alright
08. The Two Tons - I Depend On You
09. Sheryl Lee Ralph - In The Evening
10. Gregg Diamond - Danger
11. Plaza - (Got My) Dancing Shoes
12. TJM - Put Yourself In My Place
13. The Richard Hewson Orchestra - Love Bite
14. Laura Greene - Manhattan
15. Fern Kinney - Love Me Tonight
16. Tamiko Jones - Let It Flow

CD 2: Unmixed
01. Karen Young – Deetour (Party mix)
02. Smokey Robinson – And I Don’t Love You (Larry Levan Instrumental Dub)
04. Empire Projecting Penny – Freakman
05. Gino Soccio – It’s Alright
06. Richard Hewson Orchestra – Love Bite
07. Eddie Drennon – Disco Jam
08. K.I.D - Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! (You Don’t Like My Music)
09. The Two Tons – I Depend On You
10. Plaza – (Got My) Dancing Shoes
11. Gregg Diamond – Danger
12. Sheryl Lee Ralph – In The Evening
13. Tamiko Jones – Let It Flow

And if all that wasn't enough to make you wet yourself you can also buy the 1st HMD EDITS 12" here and here as well as their SUPER fresh T-shirts!
Horse Meat Disco is every sunday at EAGLE LONDON, 349 kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London SE11 5QY
Open from 8pm - 3am.

Come & kiki!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Here's a track that's just doin' it for me right now, Here at Ghetto Disco HQ it's not always about Disco, Disco, Disco!! (Although myself & Joe are close to obsessive!), This is some low slung SYNTH FUNK courtesy of L.A.'s Dam-Funk on the ever mysterious People's Potential Unlimited imprint.
This isn't unlike any of his releases on Stones Throw but if you dig that futuristic boogie sound then this is for you!! Plus it's on a nicely pressed 7".

Unfortunately there's not going to be an mp3 of it posted here, I decided to post the video that PPU had made for the track as it's simply amazing! Pure psychedelic VHS / Betamax abuse! Make sure you support PPU by checking out their site buying their amazing 7" & 12" Disco, Funk & Boogie reedits / reissues, Pure quality! Quite possibly one of the dopest little labels out there right now ...


Nothing to do with the famous 1973 Blaxploitation flick "Gordon's War" which coincidentally has an amazing soundtrack also, Supplied by funk group "Badder than evil" - This is pure dancefloor DISCO dynamite!!

After hearing this monster of a track on a Daniele Baldelli mix from NYE 1979 (Thanx James!) it took me ages to track it down & ID it, It helped that Rusty's Dusty Disco had done an edit of it, Making it easier to find, In my honest opinion this track really didn't need to be edited which is an ongoing problem these days, People just can't leave shit alone!!
Anyway, I didn't come on here to have a rant, Just to share this killer record with you in it's full unedited 12" glory!!


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The One Love Peace Concert was in 1978 at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. It was held during a time of political civil war in Jamaica between opposing parties - Jamaican Labour Party and the People's National Party. The pinnacle of the concert is said to be when a certain Mr. Robert Marley joined the hands of political rivals Michael Manley (PNP) and Edward Seaga (JLP). The concert was even kicked off with a message from the crown prince of Ethiopia, praising the concert organizers’ efforts to restore peace in Jamaica. Basically it was a big deal.

Unfortunately, the event did little to rid Jamaica of its political violence. Manley’s critics argue that the he used his appearance at the concert to demonstrate the bond he shared with the Jamaican sufferahs and Rastafarians. Within a few weeks of his appearance, he called for an election and won with a significant margin, only further escalating the violence between the two major parties. In fact, it is not until Bob Marley’s funeral in 1981, that the two political figures met each other in person and once again shook hands.

I am sure there are other reggae songs that would better accompany this post and be more symbolic to the political unrest that surrounded Jamaica in the late 70's. But in this case, it was the song that inspired the post. Not the other way round.

This was actually released in 1980 on Tuff Gong. I can only assume the inspiration for the conscious lyrics came from the events that took place just over a year earlier. One thing I do know for sure though, this is a Dancehall monster. Its on the 'Rope in' riddem and its so heavy, it should come with a health warning.

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One Love Jamdown by Mr. Smith

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


This was Kabbala's first single and what an introduction. Kabbala was fronted by two Ghanian brothers who were based in London, they released a few 12's on different labels but all had a similar theme. Staying true to their roots but fusing it with Western dance music. Listen to the results yourself, this is an absolute stomper. Made for the dancefloor in 1982 and still as fresh today as ever before.

Ashewo Ara by Mr. Smith

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Hey all, I haven't blogged anything for a little while so I thought i'd treat you all to a storming piece of uptempo Disco courtesy of Plaza on Sidewalk records from 1979, This one's a surefire dancefloor killer!!

I can't really find that much info on Sidewalk but i do have quite a few of their 12"s from artists like - David Bendeth, John Forde & Gonzalez. If you see their eye catching Yellow logo peering up at you from the racks it's always worth taking a punt on ... You may be surprised!!

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Juggy Murray Jones was a Record label owner, producer, song writer and performer. Most people know him through his hit 'Inside America', but what some don't know is how cool his mustache was.

In 1977 he also released an amazing album titled Rhythm & Blues on his own label, Jupiter. This album is full of fine funked up disco cuts, my favorite is the vocal driven 'I'll see you through'. Juggy's low slung toasting gives this a laid back feel whilst the funky as hell guitar and horns is sure to keep people moving. Sadly Juggy passed away in 2005 aged 82. If you would like to read more about this accomplished artist click here.

May you rest in peace Juggy Murray Jones and thank you for bringing us this perfect late night number..

I'll see you through by Mr. Smith