Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I was checking out DJ MURO's colossal 'King's of digging' CD on London's own BBE imprint (Alongside Kon & Amir) when this killer piece of sleazy funk came out of nowhere, the mix is pretty much straight BBOY material from beginning to end & slap bang in the middle of all the breaks is this ode to the Menage A Trois by the Bob Crewe Generation which made me pay attention.. not because it was a song about 3some's (Filthy!) but because i recognised it as being the OG of DEEP FUZZ's "Kinky bus stop" a dubbed out dancefloor monster BBOY edit that came out on DISCFUNCTION that has been getting alot of airtime at Casa Hands & wherever i'm DJing recently... Now the hunt is on for the OG 45!

So I thought i'd treat you guys to a little break to the beat excursion, Personally? I dig 'em both :


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07 Kinky Busstop by Bobbyhands



OK folks, what the hell has been going on at The Ghetto Disco I hear you say, well, truth be told, myself & Joe's text message gigolo service didn't really pan out how we had hoped. Fortunately for us the judge was lenient enough to let us off what with it being our first offence n'all ...

Looks like we are back in the saddle.

Big up the folks at SUPREME LA for hooking this up, it has been doing the rounds recently but I only got around to copping it yesterday, as with all of J-ROCC's mixtapes it's a killer so I thought i'd share it with you.
By far one of my favourite DJ's, he lays another plethora of expertly mixed & doubled BREAKS on us, running through tracks like : The Jimi Ently Sound's 'Charlie's Theme', Les Baxter's 'Hoagin machine', The Heath Bros. 'Smilin Billy suite' & some lesser known joints. You may already have heard this mix (Or the other one he did for SUPREME) or you may not, either way, it's well worth a listen & if you dig what J is throwing down you should really check his blog HERE.

Click HERE for download link.