Thursday, 16 September 2010


Here is an edit I did of Bombers - 'Pistolero' a while back. The original was featured on there AMAZING album - Bombers 2. I have already written a small bit about them which you can read HERE. I thought this needed a little edit to eradicate some suspect key changes, I tweaked a couple of bits and gave it a nice drawn out intro for you deejays out there. Mad props go out to experienced disc jockey and top fella Jimmy P for dropping this on the Faith Fanzine radio show which you can find on Ministry of Sound HERE.


Disco Love (Mr. Smith edit) by Mr. Smith

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hello? Is anyone out there?

You just read that my partner in crime has left the country, plus i've been working very hard recently (See above)so Blogging has been put on hold. Don't worry though, i've still got lot's of treats to share with you guys & if Mr.Smith is going to update all the way from Oz, then dammit i'll have to join in too.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I stopped blogging earlier this year because life just got in the way. I have just relocated from London to Sydney and all my records are on a ship somewhere on there way here (eek!)... I will be bricking it til the day they get here safe and sound!!!

I have a few bits and pieces that I ripped I while back that I will be posting in the future but today I have for you a little mix I recorded a while back. I wasn't sure that I would ever post it because a couple of the mixes are a bit wayward... But I thought fuck it. So here it is for your aural pleasure -
All wax, all originals.

MIXTAPE 01107-3 by Mr. Smith

1. Weeks & Co. - Go With The Flow (instrumental) (1982)
2. West Phillips - (I'm Just A) Sucker For A Pretty Face (1983)
3. Pointer Sisters - Automatic (Special Remix) (1983)
4. Madonna - Everybody (Dub) - (1982)
5. K.I.D. - You Don't Like My Music ("Hupendi Muziki Wangu") (1981)
6. The Circle City Band - Magic (1983)
7. The Fresh Band - Come Back Lover (1984)
8. Maxine Singleton - Don't You Love It (instrumental) (1982)
9. Sparkle Tuhran & Friends - Handsome Man (1979)
10. Fat Larrys Band - Lookin' For Love Tonight (1979)
11. Sparque - Take Some Time (1984)
12. Richard T. Bear - Sunshine Hotel (1978)
13. Tempest Trio - Do You Like The Way That It Feels (1979)
14. Dr. York - Shake-N-Skate (1980)
15. Bombers - Let's Dance (1979)
16. The Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes (1979)