Thursday, 12 November 2009


If you like your disco DEEP (or any music for that matter) and you haven't heard Bombers before, maybe you should sit down.

Bombers were a late 70's Canadian outfit. They released two albums and a string of 12"s in their short lived recording career and you could almost label them fusion rather than disco. The 'rocky' guitar you hear in a lot of their tracks, along with the overall psychedelic feel makes the lines a wee bit hazy. This record though is certainly disco, the string section and the octave bass line during the male vocal make sure of that. What I love about this joint (aside from the driving guitar) is where they take it in the second half, the percussion kicks in, they up the bass and take it down to 80,000 leagues with that 'Doctor Who like synth'. All I can think of (and it consumes me) is 'imagine what it would have been like to see these guys live?' ...15 minute versions of tripped out bliss!!!

This was on their second album entitled 'Bombers 2'. It had a few releases on different labels depending on what country you were living in in 1979. You can actually buy Bombers 2 HERE from itunes. Great for the ipod, but for all the vinyl head's and audiophile's out there you NEED the 12" or the L.P.

Bombers - Lets Dance by Mr. Smith

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