Tuesday, 20 January 2009


That's right, Our first 2 parties of 2009 - Only this time it's DJ Bobby Hands & Billy Crack holdin' down the fort on their own ... Our other 2 compadre's are over seas ....

"VISITING HOURS" is held @ The Vibe bar on Brick Lane this Wednesday nite (21.01.09), For those of you who know, It's our super laid back midweek soulful affair, Where you can expect to hear 70's rock & soul, Old school hiphop, Disco nuggets & all the rest !!

As usual, Entrance is FREE all nite & proceedings kick off @ 7.30pm & we finish @ 11.30pm ... Come and join us and bring a friend !!

"SPECIAL NEEDS" is now it's 5th year, Situated @ the Lockside Lounge in sunny Camden town, This saturday nite (24.01.09) see's DJ's Bobby Hands & Billy Crack do their thing spinning a VAST selection of quality trax ... On a Disco, House, Funk, Roller boogie, Broken beat kinda tip ...

FREE entry ALL nite long, Things kick off @ 8pm & we finish @ 1.30am ... See YOU down the front !!

Thursday, 8 January 2009



That was my reaction when i stumbled upon DISCOPATRICK's Youtube channel today.
If like me you enjoy the art of the "discomix" or the "Medley" or even the now-not-so sacred art of the "Re-edit" then you have to check out these videos.
Unfortunately these days alot of "DJ's" are churning out edits that totally miss the point, Taking a small piece of a record and looping it to death, Leaving out the good parts of a tune, Adding a bit of flange and the jobs a good 'un, There seems to be no flair or creativity anymore, Don't get me wrong ... There are some people who do amazing edits, But browse the racks in any record store in London & you'll see what i mean ... It has become a genre all of it's own, With certain "DJ's" playing ONLY edits instead of hunting down the original tracks because they're too lazy or just don't know ... It's not all bad though, There are some wicked ones out there, Good examples of great contemporary edits in my opinion being - Chic "I want your love" (Edited by Todd Terje)& Jupiter Beyond's - "The river drive" (Edited by Foolish, friendly & forgetful for "The Drive") As well as the stuff put out on labels like Ballroom, MOTON & Disco Deviance, Like i say, These are only a couple of examples, And this is only MY opinion ... Maybe you could think of more?

On Patrick's channel alot of them are from his own personal collection of test pressings & acetates which are as rare as hen's teeth and he's gone and posted 'em up for our listening enjoyment, What a gent!

Also, Patrick has released a book entitled - "The bootleg guide to Disco acetates, Funk, Rap and Disco medleys" which is a kind of bible to train spotters, Enthusiasts & Vinyl junkies who seek out these rare pieces of wax. This has been out for quite a while and it's well worth a look ...

Below i've posted a couple of the mixes that really did it for me :

"Jungle edit" - Robert Drake (Sunshine sound acetate)

"Deadly medley mix" - John Morales (M&M)

And a "Classic" edit:

"Love is the message" - MFSB (Edited by Mr.K.)


Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Just for shits & giggles ...

This made me almost wet myself .. If you've ever been to Belfast or Northern Ireland (My homeland) for any amount of time, Then you've probably encountered "Spides" ...
They exist in Scotland also (Neds?) and Up north (Scallys?) ... But it's the fact that they're now making albums that's scary. The names are genius .. What a picture !! I've gotta say "MC Carry out" is the best MC name i've heard in a while ...
The 'nets great, Innit?

RICH HISTORY - This Saturday nite - 10.01.2009

That's right. It's finally just around the corner, The 2nd installment of Rich History is upon us.
Come down for a nite of Disco, Italo, Bowling, Karaoke & General chaos as we take over the rather plush "Kingpin suite" at Bloomsbury lanes.
Myself (Bobby Hands) alongside the Cocadisco DJ's, Team Megamix, Top nice DJ's, Anna Kazam & others will be supplying you with great music to dance to all night long !!
This really is not to be missed, Check in with our buddies at REAL GOLD if you need more info.


It's all over, We can breathe a sigh of relief now, Normality is upon us once more now the Xmas season has past.
It was a nice one, But i could certainly do without all the debt, stress, falseness, overcrowded bars & streets and disappointment.

Phew. Rant over.

Thought i'd share some bits with you i picked up over the Xmas holidays here in London and up in sunny Manchester, There was alot of good raves on over the holidays, I was lucky enough to have caught the mighty Mark Seven of www.juswax.com (Big up the Cosmic disco and Cutloose boys in Manchester) and DFA's Tim Sweeney and Italian DJ god Daniele Baldelli at Horse meat disco's NYE bash (Big up James, Jim, Seve, Luke, Ali & Adrian) On the local tip we had our very own "Special Needs" NYE bash which was a total banger which will eventually become the stuff of legend !!
All these parties rocked and the good vibes were abundant with both London & Manchester proving they know their onions when it comes to a good knees up.

www.juswax.com's Mark Seven @ Cosmic disco/Cutloose Manchester 27.12.2008 (Photo by Antonio Velasquez)

Horse Meat Disco's James Hillard @ Cargo London 31.12.2008 (No pics of Tim or Daniele because by that point i couldn't see straight.B)(Photo by Bobby Hands)

Some bits i unearthed over the holidays, When i should really have been saving my money for Xmas presents i spent it ALL on records. SORRY to my Mrs & my family.

Mouzon's Electric Band - "Everybody get down"

Picked this one up in Manchester for a measly £4 and it was in mint condition .. What a bargain! Wicked almost "proto-house" groove from celebrated jazz drummer Alphonse Mouzon, Made famous by DFA's James Murphy & Pat Mahoney on their Fabric live mix.
A surefire dancefloor monster ...

James Mason - "Sweet power, your embrace"

Finally copped a copy of this killer rare groover on 12" on my birthday, Absolute classic, Recently heard a mad cut up - edit - cover version type thing of this by none other than LA's own Peanut butter wolf (Who knows his boogie) Check his Myspace to hear it, It's called "Umbrellas" ft Free Design, I dug it. And you might too ...

Hot Chocolate - "Disco Queen"

What the fuck? ANOTHER good Hot Chocolate record? I'd never heard of this LP by them "Cicero Park" and to be honest i was suckered in by the sleeve, I mean, Come on .. It's fresh. They're a band who keep giving, I've got around 10-12 tracks of theirs that i'm really into ... Of course you got "Mindless Boogie" etc ... And on this LP i found 2 more, Namely - "Disco queen" & "Bump & dilly down" ...
Of course when you listen to them they're blatantly Hot Chocolate, But i like that ... Watch out for the Bobby Hands edit in 2009 ...

Al Dimeola - "Sequencer"

This is a wicked track, Had me and a couple of friends stumped for a wee while when we heard it on a DJ Cosmo mix, I was well shocked when i found out it was Al Dimeola of Prog-Fusion-Jazzers Return to forever (Alongside Stanley clark & Chick corea amongst others), Very much in the Baldelli - Loda - Cosmic vein and not a bad touch for £1, recently sampled by Ashley Beedle and Mark Ralph for their track "Ride this train" - http://www.discogs.com/release/1123221 which is actually really quite good.
How good is the video by the way??? Class ...

The Bombers - "Don't stop the music"

Sorry about the crap vid .. Shame really, Killer record, Big up Heavy-J for giving me this as a birthday gift, Absolutely chuffed ... Thanks mate !!
Another Westend killer, First heard this on a Baldelli mix, NYE 1978 (Thanks James!), Percussive disco with some serious afro leanings, Gives way to a seriously Santana-ish guitar solo .. Great stuff .. Don't stop the music ..