Thursday, 8 January 2009



That was my reaction when i stumbled upon DISCOPATRICK's Youtube channel today.
If like me you enjoy the art of the "discomix" or the "Medley" or even the now-not-so sacred art of the "Re-edit" then you have to check out these videos.
Unfortunately these days alot of "DJ's" are churning out edits that totally miss the point, Taking a small piece of a record and looping it to death, Leaving out the good parts of a tune, Adding a bit of flange and the jobs a good 'un, There seems to be no flair or creativity anymore, Don't get me wrong ... There are some people who do amazing edits, But browse the racks in any record store in London & you'll see what i mean ... It has become a genre all of it's own, With certain "DJ's" playing ONLY edits instead of hunting down the original tracks because they're too lazy or just don't know ... It's not all bad though, There are some wicked ones out there, Good examples of great contemporary edits in my opinion being - Chic "I want your love" (Edited by Todd Terje)& Jupiter Beyond's - "The river drive" (Edited by Foolish, friendly & forgetful for "The Drive") As well as the stuff put out on labels like Ballroom, MOTON & Disco Deviance, Like i say, These are only a couple of examples, And this is only MY opinion ... Maybe you could think of more?

On Patrick's channel alot of them are from his own personal collection of test pressings & acetates which are as rare as hen's teeth and he's gone and posted 'em up for our listening enjoyment, What a gent!

Also, Patrick has released a book entitled - "The bootleg guide to Disco acetates, Funk, Rap and Disco medleys" which is a kind of bible to train spotters, Enthusiasts & Vinyl junkies who seek out these rare pieces of wax. This has been out for quite a while and it's well worth a look ...

Below i've posted a couple of the mixes that really did it for me :

"Jungle edit" - Robert Drake (Sunshine sound acetate)

"Deadly medley mix" - John Morales (M&M)

And a "Classic" edit:

"Love is the message" - MFSB (Edited by Mr.K.)


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