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We're very excited at The Ghetto Disco HQ to bring you this post on the new Harmless Records "Disco Discharge" releases...
These compilations are an amazing addition to any serious Disco fans existing collection or they are an ideal starting point for those who have just discovered the wonderful, metronomic world of Disco music.
You just have to look at the tracklistings for all 4 volumes & it becomes apparent that a lot of the compilers (Brightonian disco devotee MrPinks & Alan Jones the co - author of the best selling book 'Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco') time, effort, knowledge & passion has gone into this project :

CD 1
Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band – Cherchez La Femme 5.48
Double Discovery – Thanks For Loving Me 8.47
Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real 5.06
Rose Royce – Do Your Dance 9.18
Constellation Orchestra – Funk Encounter 6.39
Idris Muhammed – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This 8.35
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Love Magic 7.44
Gary’s Gang – Keep On Dancing 7.12
Esther Phillips – What A Difference A Day Makes 4.30
Johnny Mathis – Gone Gone Gone 6.30
Peter Jaques Band – Counting On Love ( 1,2,3 ) 6.10

CD 2
Glitter Band – Makes You Blind ( Re – edit ) 5.57
The Players Association – Turn The Music Up 6.54
Bombers – Everybody Get Dancin’ 9.30
Change – It Burns Me Up 5.06
Grey & Hanks – Dancin’ 7.06
Glen Adams Affair – Just A Groove 6.23
Cerrone – Look For Love 10.18
Companion – Living Up To Love 9.09
Don Ray – Got To Have Loving 8.21
Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone / Twilight Tone 6.07

CD 1
Fern Kinney – Groove Me 8.55
Andrea True Connection – More More More 6.19
Sister Sledge – You Fooled Around 4.29
Kim Hart – Love At First Night 3.24
Gloria Jones – Bring On The Love ( Why Can’t We Be Friends Again ) 7.02
Stacey Lattisaw – Jump To The Beat 5.20
A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie 7.31 ( John Luongo remix )
Lucy Hawkins – Gotta Get Outta Here 5.50
Suzy Q – Get On Up And Do It Again 5.58
Cheryl Lynn – Shake It Up Tonight 5.43
Vicky D – The Beat Is Mine 5.58
Nona Hendryx – Keep It Confidential 5.50

CD 2
Silver Convention – Get On Up And Boogie ( That’s Right ) 7.53
Amanda Lear – Blood And Honey 8.58
Poussez – Come On And Do It 9.55
Sheila & B. Devotion – Spacer 5.55
Janis Ian – Fly To High 6.53
Suzy Lane – Harmony 7.01
Sylvia Love – Instant Love 4.45
Melba Moore – Pick Me Up, I’ll Dance 7.01
The Ritchie Family – Give Me A Break 6.29
Phyllis Nelson – I Like You ( Shep Pettibone Remix ) 7.20)

CD 1
Don Ray – Garden Of Love 4.42
Change – Angel In My Pocket 6.09
Silver Convention – Love In A Sleeper 5.33
Beautiful Bend – That’s The Meaning/Boogie Motion 13.20
Massara – Margharita 7.52
Space – Magic Fly 4.22
Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity 5.52
Sylvia Love – Extraterrestrial Lover 6.57
Sparks – The Number One Song In Heaven 7.26
Easy Going – Fear 7.53
Vivien Vee – Give Me A Break 8.52

CD 2
Gaz Nevada – I.C. Love Affair 6.28
Advance – Take Me To The Top 6.17
Change – Change Of Heart 7.05
Kano – I’m Ready 7.17
Laura Branigan – Self Control 5.00
Eighth Wonder – I’m Not Scared (Disco Mix) 7.58
Propaganda – P Machinery (Polish) 9.24
Mike Mareen – Dancing In The Dark 5.34
Fun Fun – Happy Station (Scratch Mix) 5.55
Time Bandits – Live It Up 7.27
Yvonne Kay – Rise Up (For My Love) 7.52

CD 1
The Boys Town Gang – Disco Kicks (Remix) 8.38
Kano – It’s A War 6.55
Macho – I’m A Man ( Full Length Album Version) 17.39
Free Enterprise – Make It On My Own ( Ben Liebrand Remix) 6.27
Fun Fun – Color My Love 7.42
Deodato – S.O.S. Fire In The Sky 6.48
Astaire – Love Trap 8.59
Tapps – Don’t Pretend To Know 7.22
Liza Minelli – Losing My Mind 7.04

CD 2
Rose Laurens – American Love 6.43
Valerie Claire – I’m A Model 6.08
The Flirts – Passion (Remix) 9.03
The Boys Town Gang – Crusin’The Streets (Crusin’, Rejected, The Pick Up, Busted, Reprise) 13.12
Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy 7.37
Samantha Gilles – Feel It 7.38
Eria Fachin – Saving Myself 6.54
Laura Branigan – Gloria 4.52
Oh Romeo – Savin’Myself (For The One That I Love) 6.18
Harlow – Take Off 10.14

WOW. I think it's safe to say that every possible Disco base is touched on on these comps, and there is some amazing music contained on these discs!!
According to the press release - "The whole spectrum of disco is covered here- from classic, soulful philly sounds and diva vocals to italo, space, cosmic and amyl nitrate-laced disco"
Another wonderful facet of this release is the fact that all tracks contained are the original 12" mixes & alot of them have been reproduced from the original master tapes & put onto CD for the first time ever for this release!! It really dosen't get any better than that!!

Or does it?

How about an exclusive sneak peek in the form of a mini-mix by none other than Horse Meat Disco's Luke Howard? (One of our fave DJ's..)
That's right, the lovely folks at Harmless have given us this "Space Disco" mix for you all to enjoy, the tracklist is as follows :

Space Disco (30.06)
1. Extraterrestrial Love - Sylvia Love
2. Magic Fly - Space
3. From Here To Eternity - Giorgio Moroder
4. Colour My Love - Fun Fun
5. The Number One Song In Heaven - Sparks

Space Disco Mix - Luke Howard. by Bobbyhands

Oh, and the albums were released on the 28th September ... What are you waiting for??

Monday, 28 September 2009


I've been going through some old bits & pieces lately (Pics & mixes etc) & I came across this article I wrote for my friends blog this time last year & I thought i'd share it with you here. You may be familiar with AO's output & at the time of the interview he'd just begun putting out some nice re-edits & was quite busy so it's a nice brief interview & I think it's pretty cool.
I know we've been a little slack lately with our posts but trust me when I say we've got some good stuff coming in the shape of mixes & tracks & the usual Ghetto Disco fare, so sit tight!!


If like me you spend a lot of time in record stores theres a good chance you've come across Amplified Orchestra's hand stamped white label 12"s nestled in the racks.
And, if like me you love Disco, Acid house and all their surrounding planets you'll undoubtedly love Amplifieds spacey, deep and cosmic take on the genres.
Tracks like "Satellites are spinning", "Moon voyage" and "Solitude" have been getting serious spin on this writer/DJ's turntables and have been doing the requisite damage in the clubs as of late.
Sucked in by the lo-fi artwork and sense of mystery surrounding these 12"s i took it upon myself to contact them (The "them" being a "him"!) and find out a wee bit more information on this Chi-town disco fiend for the readers of this here blog ... read on ...

BHS - How long has Amplified Orchestra existed & How long have you been making music?

AO - Amplified Orchestra was created in 2002. But personally I've made music since 1988. My first record came out in 1991 on a label from Detroit.

BHS - How did growing up in Chicago affect you?

AO - The city site, atmosphere and cultural richness of Chicago and the music scene influenced me a great deal. I was really into the early chicago boogie from Darren Cameron as Eye Beta Rock (Recently got an excellent re-issue on 4lux recordings, check it out) who also recorded as Captain Sky. Later on chicago house came along. The first acid outings from Adonis and the chicago sounds of Marshall Jefferson, Farley Jackmaster Funk and VIncent Floyd specifically were a huge inspiration for me.

BHS - Did the club scene influence you? For example did you go to Ron Hardy's legendary muzic box or any of lil louis' infamous bismarck parties?

AO - Yes! As a 17 year old child I went to all those places man. The Warehouse of course was the place to be in the late 80's! There was one place specifically where I experienced magical moments on disco and early house. The venues name was very cliche - "The Basement", but the music was damaging, in a good way!

BHS - So, what's Chicago like these days for partying and clubs?

AO - Well, there are still a few places where you can get down. It doesn't have the magic of the old days anymore... but that's maybe because i am in my 30's now! Maybe for the kids it's the same as it was for us in the late 80's?

BHS - Do you pay much attention to the influx of re-edits that seem to come out on a weekly basis? How do you feel about them?

AO - I love to do edits but they are usually more than just edits. I add chords, melodies, sounds, beats, etc, rather than just re-arranging. So for me the edits that have had a little bit of work and love are more interesting. I also love to create my own compositions so i try to have a healthy combination of the two.

BHS - OK, If you could work with anyone dead or alive .. who would it be?

AO - Dali.

BHS - Are there any plans for AO to come to europe or the UK? Have you been here before?

AO - Yes I am in Holland for work a lot. I released my first Amplified single on 4lux records out of Holland and they helped me a great deal. They really helped me get this Amplified Orchestra project up and running. I am constantly touring Holland, Germany and France. I hope to come over to the UK at some point.

BHS - Are you aware of any Europe based DJs or producers? If so, who?

AO - Of course. Gerd from 4lux is both an amazing DJ as well as excellent producer. Same goes for Quantic and the Clone crew. There are so many out there...

BHS - How many people are involved in AO?

AO - At the moment one.

BHS - Can you share some sounds you are feeling at the moment?

1. Amplified Orchestra - "Solitude".
2. Eye Beta Rock - "Super Rock Body Shock".
3. Tribe - "Ain't Nothing But A Party".
4. Ronnie Gee & G String - "For ladies only".
5. Sweet Fat Back & Dicks Hat Band - "In your ear".

(Interview ends)

Much respect to Amplified Orchestra for taking the time out to answer my questions, Thanx!


For more info on AO & 4LUX check out :

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


What's that? How many times has this been posted up? It's what? Over 10 years old?
You've already got it? And ALL the Black Cock reissues? Oh ... You're confusing me with someone who cares ... I'm not posting it again to get props off the blog community, I'm posting it for posterity & for those of you who've not heard it and in my humble opinion it's one of those mixes that never gets tired or fails to get me amped!! A stone cold classic mix, DJ Harvey really dosen't need any introduction but if you're unfamiliar stop by his website HERE, It's fresh.

Here's the tracklist:

D Train - "Keep On (Edit)" (Prelude)
Billy Cobham - "Storm" (Atlantic)
Vangelis - "Let It Happen" (Vertigo)
Last Poets - "Mean Machine" (Douglas 7)
Instant Funk - "Got My Mind Made Up" (Salsoul)
Herb Alpert - "Red Hot (Remix)" (A & M)
Cookhouse - "Recipe 002" (Cookhouse)
Wamdue Project - "King Of My Castle" (Eruption)
Pleasure - "Joyous (Edit)" (White Label)
Those Norwegians - "Can You Dig It" (white label)
Vampire Sound Inc - "Lions & The Cucumber" (Warners)
Azymuth - "Dear Limmertz" (Milestone)
Don Blackman - "Hearts Desire" (Arista)
artist unknown - "Love & Happiness" (white label)
Chayanne - "Waited Too Long" (Syncopate)
Art of Noise - "Beat Box (Diversion 1)" (ZTT)
Harvey & UFO - "Pioaresque Eye" (Browns Wood)
Brooklyn Dreams - "Street Man" (Millenium)
Stevie Wonder - "Lovelight In Light" (Motown)
Micheal Wilson - "Groove Your Body" (Prelude)
TOTO - "George Porgy" (Columbia)
Eddie Russ - "Zabis" (Impact)
Steely Dan - "Do It Again" (MCA)
Trolly Dollies - "Space Cake" (Sunday Best)
Santana - "Free As The Morning Sun" (CBS)

Beware of low flying aircraft!!

DJ Harvey - Essential Mix Sunday 31st May 1998 by Bobbyhands


It's been a minute since my last post folks .. sincerest apologies!! Thought I might make it up to you with a tune that's kinda been stuck on repeat in my house as of late - this killer GQ edit by legendary Detroit DJ/Producer - Theo Parrish. A real simple dancefloor bomb, looping up the most infectious parts of the song over & over until it get's TOO much (In a good way, of course!) ... I love the original version of this along with GQ's other material (Including Theo's edit of their other dancefloor stormer "Lies") their tracks are always good in the club ... nice & LOUD, with strong production & arrangement courtesy of the legendary Jimmy Simpson & featuring the vocal talents of a young Keith Sweat.

This appeared on one of Theo's sought after "Ugly edits" 12"s & has been doing the damage for myself & many dancefloors all summer long!!
Below I've posted a Youtube clip of the original track for comparison for all you anoraks out there!!
Next time I promise I won't leave it too long until the next installment, enjoy!!

GQ - Is It Cool? (Theo Parrish edit) by Bobbyhands

"Baby ... Baby ..."