Friday, 22 October 2010


Spaced out italo - I love it. I simply can't get enough of this record at the moment so I thought I'd share it. DISCOGS just told me that this was released on a number of different labels depending on where you were living back in '79 but the original was on Phillips in Italy. This is actually the DISCONET version so has been given a wee 'DJ only' rework from the original. If you are not sat at your computer 'digging' all the time and actually visit record stores, you will have noticed that some scumbag (rich coming from me?) has bootlegged some or maybe even all of the DISCONET back catalogue.

This is a great DJ record. Starts off with nice stripped down percussion that builds up nicely to mix and has a couple good breakdowns for you to take it somewhere else. It's also 15mins long so you have lots of time to play with it.

Tantra - Wishbone by Mr. Smith