Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Yet another treat from the vaults of 1982. This time its a proper block party number that takes inspiration from the Booker T & the MGs' tune 'Boot-Leg'.

This is their guitarist Steve Cropper talking about why John Lennon liked 'Boot-Leg' so much on a documentary about Stax.

West Coast Poplock by Mr. Smith

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


1982 has to be my favorite year for music at the moment. This also happens to be the year Michael Wycoff released the album 'Love Conquers all' on RCA. The main single was 'Looking up to you' which may have one of the finest grooves I have ever heard, I do think however that 'Still got the magic' is a wee bit slept on. Andy at ELDICA put me onto this bouncy little number around the beginning of summer and it hasn't left my bag since. Unlike 'Looking up to you' this 12" is reasonably easy to find and not too expensive. Go buy it.

Still got the magic (sweet delight) by Mr. Smith

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Our ears here at the Ghetto Disco are always open to all kinds of music (I'm a big House, Techno & Electro fan, Joe is one of the deadliest Reggae selectors I know!) & we love anything as long as it's got that Funk & is saying something, in that spirit we'll be checking out stuff of that nature on this blog too - I.E. - Great music of ALL genres.
Recently I had the good fortune of stumbling across 18 year old Kyle Hall, Detroit's new star DJ / Producer who is currently making waves, as you are probably aware much is made of the Motor City's musical output & these days the city is bang on the money with some serious talent new & old. I know Hall has been around for a little while now & has some dope releases under his belt already on his own "Wild Oats" label & the Omar.S owned "FXHE" imprint as well as jamming with a certain mr Theo Parrish regularly, but like I said before .. I recently stumbled upon him. So excuse me if i'm a little late to the party!

Today I wanted to highlight a couple of wicked mixes by Kyle that I found while trawling the web, one from a blog "Cathode Radiance", called "Oats B so deep" & it's a killer, you can grab it HERE. Make sure you pass through & check out the rest of the blog & give 'em some props too!! The 2nd mix he did is on London based FACT magazine's website - both are pure quality!! Kyle keeps it moving with some seriously deep, soulful tracks on the mixes with selections from some of "The D"s premier talent (Moodymann, Omar.S, Carl Craig, Theo Parrish, Mike Clark, 3 Chairs & Andres (DJ Dez) all show up), in short, they're blinding mixes from one of the best DJ's i've heard in a long time ... go get em!!

I've also included some Youtube action which ain't too shabby either of Kyle jammin' in the hallways of Detroit's School of Arts & the studio with his keyboard, killing it on the Lo-Fi freestyle tip (bear in mind, he's 18 years old!)!!


Wednesday, 5 August 2009


It's been a little while since i posted & myself & the Special Needs / Ghetto Disco team have been having a blast spinning with the Idjut Boys & Greg Wilson & partying hard!! So I thought I should drop by with some serious uptempo, soulful Disco ... Now ... back to the bloggin' :

This track is taken off Brooklyn Trucking Express's 1976 album of the same name & it's been a real favourite of mine since I discovered it around 5 years ago, for me personally it's one of those hairs on the back of your neck standing up records ... I mean it really is a stormer from beginning to end, it's got everything - killer drums, wailing brass, swooping strings & soaring vocals ... and don't forget the break! The break!

This was one of many records I picked up around the same period when I was digging for Soul & Funk records that had Jeff Lane & Randy Muller's name's on them - Brass Construction, Cameron, Garnett Mimms, Charles Earland, Funk DeLuxe, Enchantment, Eddie Kendricks, Aquarian Dream, Skyy & others. They all had the same high quality musicianship & production courtesy of Muller & Lane's "Dog's of war" production outfit ... some of these tracks still remain firm favourites for me today.

These days Randy Muller's career has been brought back into the limelight by Mr. Kenneth Gonzales aka DJ Kenny Dope who recently collaborated with Muller on the "Randy Muller's Best" mix album on Plaza Records. Instead of being just a straight mix CD K.Dope has gotten hold of the original master tapes & re-edited & remixed & mixed some classic joints Brooklyn style! Well worth checking if like me you dig your DJ mixes.

Click on arrow to right of player to download mp332okbps.

"Keep on burnin' .."

Monday, 3 August 2009


I have been it bit ill for last the few days, thankfully I have had some nice people around me to bring me food and fluids and just generally provide me with a bit of sympathy. It was tough gathering the energy to pull myself from the sofa to rip some vinyl. I started to rip Caprice - '100%' as that is where I would like to be right now but halfway through recording it, I decided I was going to give it a little rework so stay tuned for that one.

I decided to go with Second Image - Sing and Shout (special large instrumental size). I can't tell you much about Second Image except that they are a British outfit from the early 80's. They had a string of 12" releases from 1981 through to 85 and managed to drop two albums in that time on Polydor and MCA respectively. This is the instrumental from one of the singles off their second album titled 'Strange Reflections'. It's more of a dub than an instrumental really and I suppose that is why it's the 'special large instrumental size' mix. I always have the tune I am writing about on repeat when I am doing these posts and my girlfriend just said it reminds her of the Cosby show?

Sing & Shout (special large instrumental size) by Mr. Smith