Monday, 23 March 2009


After the monster weekend I just had I am not sure I have the ability to write too much. When I am as fragile as I am now I usually turn to reggae to sooth my soul. Here is Triston Palma's 1982 Dancehall hit 'Joker Smoker'. Sit back, relax and ride out those Monday blues..


Monday, 16 March 2009


To start this post off, I must say I was as little hesitant about sharing this. I absolutely love this tune, and had to search high and low for the 12". I was on forums, GEMM, Discogs and a host of other sites for far too much of my life trying to track this down. I sometimes still put a cheeky search out there to see if its about when I am on certain sites. Its definitely an early in the night number for me and I am still yet to hear anyone else play it, I'm not sure that I am looking forward to the day I do.

The Coach House was Eddy Grant's recording studio and the Coach House Rhythm Section was Eddy's backing band. For the (other) geeks out there, I have two Coach House Rhythm Section records, one (Nobody's got time 7") reads Coachouse Rhythm Section and the other (No such thing 12") reads Coach House, both are on Ice Records. Who knows if its just a typo or something to do with what they were smoking back in the late 70's.

A slightly different version of this song was released in 1975 on Torpedo under the name 'I'm coming home' by Marco. If anyone has doubles of this or even an mp3, I'd love to get a copy. Marco is another name used by Eddy and is the name of his publishing company, Marco Music LTD. I found a site selling it that has a soundbyte, you can hear it here until someone buys it I guess. Its worth noting that on the label, 'No Such Thing' is credited as an instrumental so I think 'Im coming home' is just the vocal version. Eddy did this with the disco not disco classic 'Timewarp'. The vocal version is called 'Nobody's got time' and you just need to listen to where he takes the instrumental to understand why it was labeled 'Timewarp'

Whatever it is, it's some serious heat. Released in 1980 this is Deep DEEP jazzfunk at its best. To read more about Eddy Grant click here


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

2WICE - YOU SET ME ON FIRE (party version)

There is not much I can tell you about this record. It was released on MiaSound in 1981. It's mixed by the legendary Larry Levan and mastered by a Mr. Francois K, which are two credits that make any record worth buying. I have searched and searched for more info on 2WICE but to no avail, whilst searching I saw that one seller on ebay claimed it was a big COSMIC record and Baldelli used to play it. I can't personally vouch for this but it could be true. What I can say is thats its on the electro disco tip with some nice spaced out synths. ENJOY!!

2WICE - YOU SET ME ON FIRE (party version) 320kbps

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Sticky fingers were a project fronted by Canadian based production team Ian Guenther and Willi Morrison. They are more widely known for their work as THP Orchestra but the Sticky Fingers stuff is killer. This is quite different to the three other tracks released by Sticky Fingers. Their other work is more disco, whereas this is 10 glorious minutes of heavy hitting low slung funk. I am trying to build up my collection of mid tempo cuts that have a 4/4 beat at the minute and this is one of my favorites. If you know of any I should look out for let me know!

Sticky Fingers - Party Song 320kbps

(just click on the link above then click on the 'free user' button to download mp3)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare can almost be thought of as the backbone of Reggae. They have worked with just about everyone worth mentioning within Reggae and are the most influential rhythm section to come out of Jamaica.

This EP was released in 2005 on Auralux to accompany the 'Sly & Robbie's Taxi Sound' album which celebrated 30 years of their label - Taxi. The Ep is made up of three tracks, two of which don't feature on the album. The tune for me is 'Stapper Lee Rap'. First released in 1980 on the sought after album 'Gamblers Choice', its at the forefront of the digi-dub sound and has an electro feel to boot. The reverb on the snare, choppy percussion and heavy synths are all commonly featured in the early 80's electro sound. Check out Yazoo's first hit 'Don't go' this was released two years after 'Stapper Lee Rap' and has a very similar synth line.

Sly & Robbie - Stapper Lee Rap 320kbps

(just click on the link above then click on the 'free user' button to download mp3)

* The name of this post has been edited from 'Stapper Lee Rap' to 'Triplet' due to a f**k up on my behalf. Please read the comments to note that the synth line was actually written by and credited to Yazoo.