Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare can almost be thought of as the backbone of Reggae. They have worked with just about everyone worth mentioning within Reggae and are the most influential rhythm section to come out of Jamaica.

This EP was released in 2005 on Auralux to accompany the 'Sly & Robbie's Taxi Sound' album which celebrated 30 years of their label - Taxi. The Ep is made up of three tracks, two of which don't feature on the album. The tune for me is 'Stapper Lee Rap'. First released in 1980 on the sought after album 'Gamblers Choice', its at the forefront of the digi-dub sound and has an electro feel to boot. The reverb on the snare, choppy percussion and heavy synths are all commonly featured in the early 80's electro sound. Check out Yazoo's first hit 'Don't go' this was released two years after 'Stapper Lee Rap' and has a very similar synth line.

Sly & Robbie - Stapper Lee Rap 320kbps

(just click on the link above then click on the 'free user' button to download mp3)

* The name of this post has been edited from 'Stapper Lee Rap' to 'Triplet' due to a f**k up on my behalf. Please read the comments to note that the synth line was actually written by and credited to Yazoo.


Anonymous said...

Top tune and keep up the good work - but just to clarify, the track you have posted is Triplet, which was released after Yazoo's Don't Go. Vince Clarke is listed as co-writer because of the borrowed synth line. Mr Pedantic

Joe Smith said...

Woah! I'll have to edit the title of the post.. Not pedantic at all, you just cleared up a little conversation I had with someone about this tune. Thank you for the info and for keeping me on my toes!