Wednesday, 13 January 2010

WHAM! - WHAM! (1978)

I just picked up this album. Look at the artwork, its a drawing of a naked girl riding a giant fist. Amazing. Its almost a bit Spinal tap!

Don't know much about these fella's but I know that its NOT George Michael. For me the stand out tracks are 'Lovemaker', 'Superslick' and of course the mid tempo groover you can listen to and download below. The former two were released on a 12" and the 12" versions were mixed by Jim Burgess. At the time of writing this you could own the 12" for 75 bones, but I see on popsike that one went for 50US only two months ago.

Anyway, the album is great. Its kind of a 'disco rock funk' crossover affair and is well worth picking up.

Wham! - Prison of Love by Mr. Smith