Wednesday, 11 March 2009

2WICE - YOU SET ME ON FIRE (party version)

There is not much I can tell you about this record. It was released on MiaSound in 1981. It's mixed by the legendary Larry Levan and mastered by a Mr. Francois K, which are two credits that make any record worth buying. I have searched and searched for more info on 2WICE but to no avail, whilst searching I saw that one seller on ebay claimed it was a big COSMIC record and Baldelli used to play it. I can't personally vouch for this but it could be true. What I can say is thats its on the electro disco tip with some nice spaced out synths. ENJOY!!

2WICE - YOU SET ME ON FIRE (party version) 320kbps


Tommy said...

Great selection. Love the groove and those spacey synths, as well!

nmax said...

Man... Thank you for sharing this track. I'm loving it!

Joe Smith said...

No worries.. glad you enjoy it!