Tuesday, 8 September 2009


It's been a minute since my last post folks .. sincerest apologies!! Thought I might make it up to you with a tune that's kinda been stuck on repeat in my house as of late - this killer GQ edit by legendary Detroit DJ/Producer - Theo Parrish. A real simple dancefloor bomb, looping up the most infectious parts of the song over & over until it get's TOO much (In a good way, of course!) ... I love the original version of this along with GQ's other material (Including Theo's edit of their other dancefloor stormer "Lies") their tracks are always good in the club ... nice & LOUD, with strong production & arrangement courtesy of the legendary Jimmy Simpson & featuring the vocal talents of a young Keith Sweat.

This appeared on one of Theo's sought after "Ugly edits" 12"s & has been doing the damage for myself & many dancefloors all summer long!!
Below I've posted a Youtube clip of the original track for comparison for all you anoraks out there!!
Next time I promise I won't leave it too long until the next installment, enjoy!!

GQ - Is It Cool? (Theo Parrish edit) by Bobbyhands

"Baby ... Baby ..."

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