Tuesday, 8 September 2009


What's that? How many times has this been posted up? It's what? Over 10 years old?
You've already got it? And ALL the Black Cock reissues? Oh ... You're confusing me with someone who cares ... I'm not posting it again to get props off the blog community, I'm posting it for posterity & for those of you who've not heard it and in my humble opinion it's one of those mixes that never gets tired or fails to get me amped!! A stone cold classic mix, DJ Harvey really dosen't need any introduction but if you're unfamiliar stop by his website HERE, It's fresh.

Here's the tracklist:

D Train - "Keep On (Edit)" (Prelude)
Billy Cobham - "Storm" (Atlantic)
Vangelis - "Let It Happen" (Vertigo)
Last Poets - "Mean Machine" (Douglas 7)
Instant Funk - "Got My Mind Made Up" (Salsoul)
Herb Alpert - "Red Hot (Remix)" (A & M)
Cookhouse - "Recipe 002" (Cookhouse)
Wamdue Project - "King Of My Castle" (Eruption)
Pleasure - "Joyous (Edit)" (White Label)
Those Norwegians - "Can You Dig It" (white label)
Vampire Sound Inc - "Lions & The Cucumber" (Warners)
Azymuth - "Dear Limmertz" (Milestone)
Don Blackman - "Hearts Desire" (Arista)
artist unknown - "Love & Happiness" (white label)
Chayanne - "Waited Too Long" (Syncopate)
Art of Noise - "Beat Box (Diversion 1)" (ZTT)
Harvey & UFO - "Pioaresque Eye" (Browns Wood)
Brooklyn Dreams - "Street Man" (Millenium)
Stevie Wonder - "Lovelight In Light" (Motown)
Micheal Wilson - "Groove Your Body" (Prelude)
TOTO - "George Porgy" (Columbia)
Eddie Russ - "Zabis" (Impact)
Steely Dan - "Do It Again" (MCA)
Trolly Dollies - "Space Cake" (Sunday Best)
Santana - "Free As The Morning Sun" (CBS)

Beware of low flying aircraft!!

DJ Harvey - Essential Mix Sunday 31st May 1998 by Bobbyhands


Lesley said...

This is just awesome! Cheers dude.. =)

Nate said...

great post - i'm definitely one of the philistines who hadn't heard this one yet... really digging the blog in general

check out


if you get the chance... hopefully you find something to enjoy

Bobby Hands said...

Glad you guys dug it .. keep 'em peeled as i'm going to delve into my massive collection of mixes & start posting them here for everyone's enjoyment .. :-)

jayjsmooth said...
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jayjsmooth said...

thanks for sharing this mate

jayjsmooth said...

whats the track at 55 mins?

Anonymous said...