Friday, 6 November 2009


THE greatest kids TV show of our generation?

Today we have some classic Sesame Street clips courtesy of The Pointer Sisters (The Pinball Theme) & the mighty Stevie Wonder (Nice with the Vocoder) :

Sesame Street - this TV show has had so much influence on pop culture it's unbelieveable, as well as that it's a happy reminder of when we were all off school for a day feigning illness so we could catch up with The Count, Big Bird, Cookie Monster & crew as they embarked on yet another alpha-numerical adventure around the show's NYC Brownstone setting. Basically, this street is responsible for some cool shit. Start from the clips posted above where we have The Pointer Sisters funky jam backed with some psychedelic pinball landscapes & Stevie Wonder (who would've been at the height of his fame by this stage & taking time out of a very hectic Motown recording schedule to get down with the kids!) rocking out with full band & vocoder. Then we've got Paradise Garage DJ deity Larry Levan getting his first ever remix job on vinyl in the shape of Cookie Monsters Disco effort "C is for Cookie" (Which was also backed with a Roy Thode mix & later re-edited on the infamous "Black Cock" series by DJ Harvey in the mid 90's. You can also grab the reissue 12" complete with pinball theme re-edit by Strictly Kev & DJ Food HERE), many years later, 1992 to be exact, the UK get's in on the act with it's own "Dance" version of some Sesame Street goodness on the back of "Rave" musics considerable commercial success ... Although i'm sure many folk would be trying quite hard to forget this one and the many other cheesey "kids" themed rave records it inspired! In short, Sesame Street made me the man I am today & the picture at the top of this post isn't just a collection of images showing the cast of the street, it's a collection of friendly, familiar faces who'll always be around. Bring on the next 40 years ...


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