Friday, 13 November 2009


Isaac Hayes is an artist who needs no introduction, he is one of the most "sampled" artists ever, he's been behind some of the biggest soul records of the last 30 years, his career spanned decades & his contribution to music was huge, Isaac was a superstar, he was "Black Moses".
I've been a big fan of "Ike" for many years & have collected alot of his LP's & often play them at home & enjoy them immensley. Having played the Tom Moulton mix of his killer track "Moonlight lovin' (Menage a trois)" to death for ages imagine my surprise when I came across this gem from 1980...

Clocking in at just over 10 minutes & mixed by legendary NYC Disco mixer & Saint resident Jim Burgess this is truely a monster cut.
Of course Isaac is in his usual smooth mood but the music is frantic, driving & funky & having played this one out myself in clubs numerous times I can tell you ... it's workin'! On the flip is another Burgess mix - "Shaft 2" which upon reading the various DJ's charts in Vince Aletti's Disco bible "The Disco files" (Buy it HERE) seems to have been a big club hit in the Discotheques, although this is a killer track too "I ain't never" wins hands down in my opinion ... a total dancefloor devastator!

"I get high on watching you..."

Isaac Hayes - I ain't never (Jim Burgess mix) by theghettodisco

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Jay Negron said...

I AIN'T NEVER was NOT mixed by Jim Burgess..
SHAFT II...yes