Friday, 13 November 2009


I stumbled upon Brazilian DJ Nuts' blog the other day & thought i'd recommend it to you guys, this guy is a killer DJ with an insane amount of records & skills to boot & he's pretty much the top Brazilian turntablist, he's appeared in B+'s "Brasilintime" documentary alongside Madlib, Egon & Cut Chemist as well as Soul, Funk, Jazz & Disco drumming legends James Gadson, Derf Reklaw, Wilson das Neves & Mamao.

Not only is DJ Nuts dope, but he's also VERY generous as he's upped all his "Cultura copia" & "Disco e cultura" mix CD's onto his blog for us all to download for FREE, these mixes are killer, some seriously rare Brazilian joints cut up & mixed by the man himself, get on these HERE!!

Also, here's a little bonus beat - Nuts in action at his house :


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