Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Juggy Murray Jones was a Record label owner, producer, song writer and performer. Most people know him through his hit 'Inside America', but what some don't know is how cool his mustache was.

In 1977 he also released an amazing album titled Rhythm & Blues on his own label, Jupiter. This album is full of fine funked up disco cuts, my favorite is the vocal driven 'I'll see you through'. Juggy's low slung toasting gives this a laid back feel whilst the funky as hell guitar and horns is sure to keep people moving. Sadly Juggy passed away in 2005 aged 82. If you would like to read more about this accomplished artist click here.

May you rest in peace Juggy Murray Jones and thank you for bringing us this perfect late night number..

I'll see you through by Mr. Smith

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Mr B said...

the Inside America Lp is dope too