Friday, 22 May 2009


This record is monumental.

Its the B side to Bo Kool's '(money) No Love' and could well have kicked off the whole idea of doing a 'dub' of a disco record. It was produced by south Londoner Tony Williams who is th TW behind TW Funk Masters. There are a couple of versions of this about, the version I have for you is the original 12 inch release (no less!) on Tania. The more widely known version was on Mancuso's recent Loft compilation and originally released on Champagne's 1981 jazzfunk record 'Re Mixture' (which is a 12 I highly recommend and I may post a tune off sometime soon)

I urge you to read an interview with Tony Williams conducted by none other than Greg Wilson on Greg's fine website here. After reading it you should get an insight in to how important this record really is (and you'll know why I included the Dennis Brown video).

A couple of things I will note though.. There is a 1986 version of 'Love Money' I think you should steer clear of. And, that this is the product of putting a reggae/soul DJ into a studio to produce a disco record using mostly reggae session players.. The results are blinding!



audiogarammasala said...

Hi Ya
You have just posted here one of my all time favourite tracks along with your previous post of Coch House Rhythmn Section /Time Warp
I became aware of these tunes through the cosmic scence afro funky italian german austrain scene in the early eighties..namely djs baldelli and egger,
cheers and lokk forward to maore in the future'

Joe Smith said...

Cheers for the comments! Baldelli is a favorite of ours too here at The Ghetto Disco HQ. Just to put you straight though.. The Coachouse record I posted was 'No Such Thing'
You should take a listen, its some very serious Eddy Grant production:)

CarneZafiro said...

hey thanks!!!