Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Hey all, I haven't blogged anything for a little while so I thought i'd treat you all to a storming piece of uptempo Disco courtesy of Plaza on Sidewalk records from 1979, This one's a surefire dancefloor killer!!

I can't really find that much info on Sidewalk but i do have quite a few of their 12"s from artists like - David Bendeth, John Forde & Gonzalez. If you see their eye catching Yellow logo peering up at you from the racks it's always worth taking a punt on ... You may be surprised!!

(Just click the arrow on the right to download mp3 320kbps)


Mr B said...

another bomb


Anonymous said...

Plaza was a studio project composed, arranged and produced by Karl Jenkins and Mike Ratledge,and the singer on all the tracks they recorded is a multi-tracked Clare Torry who worked with Pink Floyd