Monday, 22 June 2009


YES. You read correctly! Northern Irish Disco Dance Finals! If ever there was a sentence that just didn't read right then this is it! Being a Northern Irish native & also being a big Disco record collector, fan & DJ I was totally amazed when i first set eyes on the clip you're about to watch ... "Disco dancin'? .. In Northern Ireland?" I said to myself in disbelief. Sure enough I rolled the clip & there it was -

With DJ impressario Emperor Rosko at the helm & sponsorship from the Trusthouse Forte (!) hotel group this competition was some serious shit! My favourite entrant (Who's section is suspiciously short) is John Henry at the very start who kicks things off to the sound of Harry Thurmann's "Underwater" which is an amazing record (At both speeds!) ... & John matches it with equally amazing dance moves, go on son! The thing that really cracks me up is the panel of so called "judges" , with the exception of the dancers & dance teachers on the panel what the fuck do the rest of them know about Disco? Or dancing?

I guess this clip shows the dizzy worldwide heights & hysteria that Disco caused, I mean, if people were getting down in Coleraine Northern Ireland to it that's really saying something!! I can really only say that this is pure video gold .. Thank you Youtube!!


Joe Smith said...
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Joe Smith said...

That is amazing. What is playing when Adrien starts dancing around the 5 minute mark. Its a killer tune!