Wednesday, 15 July 2009


When i go to visit my folks in sunny Addlestone (which isn't often enough apparently!) out near Weybridge I always drop into Archive to scour the stacks for hidden gems ... you really gotta drop into this place to see what I mean, the pictures i've posted only tell a bit of the story!

I've really only had the pleasure of checking this store out on a handful of occassions & I left a very happy man each time with new finds tucked under my arm, whatever you're looking for drop in and speak to Steve who owns, runs & catalogues his 300,000+ stockpile of records, seriously, it's THAT deep.

Some people who work in certain record stores* in the great city of London believe they are some kind of God's who should be worshipped because they work in a dusty shop & get paid minimum wage & own some LP's you don't (You know who you are!!), if like me you detest such an attitude whilst hunting down your holy grails then you'll be refreshed at how helpful, laidback & chatty Steve is when it comes to matters of the wax .. if he hasn't got it there, he'll try & find it for you!! Everything from Soul, Disco, Rock, Jazz, Dance, Soundtracks through to Comedy records, How's that for service?

Unfortunately we're in a time where kids with 30 records are using Serato & "DJ"s are increasingly turning their back on the vinyl in favour of more user friendly digital mediums which sound like shite & when used in a club it looks like said "DJ"s are checking their Emails in front of a crowd!
Don't get me wrong, I myself have recently embraced CDs as a medium to use in clubs when i'm playing out (almost the same theory behind playing records & alot easier for playing exclusive edits & remixes etc .. not to mention easier on the old back too!) & I'm by no means a "Digi-phobe", but how can you call yourself a "DJ" by pressing keys?
All of these factors are gradually contributing to the death of vinyl & consequently are shutting amazing little treasure troves like Steve's down & putting good people out of business ... such a shame.
Fortunately there are SOME people out there with their heads screwed on, just look at THIS article from last weekend's Mail on Sunday & keep supporting independent labels like MOTON, DISSIDENT & the others who keep supplying us fiends with wax.

Today's finds @ Archive Records, Addlestone:

1.Mick Jagger - "Just another night"(Extended mix) - CBS.
2.Colorado - "Space lady love" - Pinnacle.
3.Partners - "The last Disco in Paris" LP - Marlin / TK.
4.Mandre - "Two" LP - Motown.
5.Nytro - "Nytro" LP - Whitfield Records.
6.The Originals - "Down to love town" LP - Motown.

You can contact Archive Records HERE with enquiries, wantlists etc.


Revival records, Berwick St, W1F..

On the beat records, Hanway St, W1T..

Out on the floor records, Inverness St, NW1.

Nudge records, Hanbury St, E1.

Eldica vinyl & retro, Bradbury St, N16.

* NOT everybody!


night shift said...

cds have saved me a fortune in dubplates and serato has its advantages for creativity, but vinyl should ALWAYS be the centrepiece for any self-respecting djs set. Great, GREAT blog - keep flying the flag.

Bobby Hands said...

Totally hear that Night Shift, you're right, you can't halt the march of technology!! I also agree that the vinyl should be at the forefront, thanx for taking the time to read & comment ...

night shift said...

My pleasure! Just as much of an issue for me is how impersonal buying music has become. I've just spent 3 or 4 hours looking for new digital music and lost the will to live. Trips to the record shop used to be a joy, not just for the vinyl but also the social side. I used to get loads of gigs just by talking to people in shops. That doesn't happen sitting on your arse staring blankly at a screen.

Bobby Hands said...

Absolutely, the characters i've encountered on record buying missions!! Or just hunting with a pal and having a pint after .. you don't get that on the web .. I've watched DJs using Traktor & Serato etc & sometimes it looks like they're out of the equation, no conncection, not like when you're DJing with records & you're focussed, you're in it, you know?

night shift said...

Definitely. Don't get me wrong, there are some "real" DJs using Serato and Traktor. I have a bit of a problem with Ableton though. Using it is definitely not DJing, it's live remixing. Great for a stage performance but not for connecting with a crowd in a club environment. If you have all your hitpoints already set-up and know in advance what you're going to play and in what order, you can't react to a crowd.

Elizabeth Roberts said...

Do you have an mp3 of Colorado's Space Lady Love (Pinnacle)? Thanks.