Wednesday, 15 July 2009


This record has been getting a lot of play time in the house of Smith lately, its neither rare nor expensive, but I think maybe a bit slept on. Its the B side to the first single off Tashan's first album 'Chasin a dream'. For this, I think you should turn your hifi up very loud. Ten years ago I would have said roll one up, sit back and enjoy. These days I would just get paranoid, turn the music down and keep peeking out the window. I don't want you to do that so just turn it up, sit back and enjoy.

Out in 1986 on Def Jam. This could well be the rawest, heaviest R'n'B on the planet.

(just click on the arrow on the right to download 320kbps mp3)
Read my mind by Mr. Smith

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Anonymous said...

Hi, amazing song indeed, any chance of a repost ? cheers