Monday, 13 July 2009


Where is Sunshine Hotel? That's what I wanna know!! Never has a song about a brothel sounded so damn funky .. this track is a sure fire dancefloor filler, I've seen it do the job on many occassions.
Also, who the hell is Richard T. Bear? He's the big bearded, plaid shirt wearing dude who's singing about his love of the "Sunshine Hotel" & how you can just walk on in .. genius.

I thought this would be a great tongue in cheek record to kick the week off, a serious groove indeed, it seems to me that this was probably Richard's biggest & most well known record & it was taken off his only LP "Red, Hot & Blue" released in 1979. He was responsible for producing Inga Rumpf's track "Love potion no.9" in 1979 also.

"Sunshine Hotel .. Just come on in, no need to ring the bell"

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niall said...

Haha, Niall here, went looking for this tune and look where I find it! Can't download it though? I'm wanting to do a special HMD edit of this - one for all the bears in the house!

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure the sunshine hotel in question is in the Bowery in New York, one of the last old time flop houses left around there now

Anonymous said...

by the way this is my dad your talking about and he is a music genius thank god i got the musical talent writing my own music and with my dads (Richard T. Bear) help ill be as awesome as he was. <3

tairre said...

The first time I heard this song it stopped me in my tracks and I had to own it, IMMEDIATELY! Richard has recorded several albums available mostly in Europe. They are well worth discovering. This man is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is Dave with a message for Anonymous. Your dad's TWO albums are both great. I bought the LPs about 30 years ago, and am waiting for them to be issued as CDs. I cannot understand why this has not happened!!