Saturday, 25 July 2009


We have Greg Wilson coming down to play at our night tonight which we are very excited about, so I had to post some 'Electro Funk'.

Electro Funk is a term coined by Greg to describe the music he was playing beck in early 80's at the likes of Wigan Pier and Hacienda. This is a little Gem produced by Richie Weeks in 1982 on Salsoul. Check out my other post on Richie Weeks here. Mr Weeks loved to dub his tunes out and this is no exception. Check the second half of this joint, its amazing.

Be Mine Tonight by Mr. Smith

A wee while ago I gave a friend of mine a CD of some boogie I was listening to at the time. He is a dubstep producer and said to me he'd like to sample some of these tunes slowed down to 33. It got me listening to some of my records all cosmic like, this was one of the interesting ones...

Be mine tonight 33rpm by Mr. Smith

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