Tuesday, 13 October 2009


DJ Rahaan - A name synonymous with quality .. anyone who has been lucky to hear a Rahaan mixtape or catch this Chicago DJ spin live will agree wholeheartedly with that statement .. I was lucky enough to be hit off with 4 or 5 of his mixes recently & believe me they've been on HEAVY rotation for weeks now .. what I dig personally about his mixes is that they're a nice balance of rare and not so rare Disco joints & styles & the selection & mixing are impeccable, on top of that he's put out some nice edits too on labels like KAT, JISCOMUSIC & (one of my faves right now) Chicago's STILOVE4MUSIC (I recommend his reworks of Timmy Thomas' "Why can't we live together?" & Loletta Holloway's amazing "Hit & Run").

Needless to say, after a few listens, i'm a believer ..

If, like me, you dig serious dancefloor Disco sounds, perfectly programmed, seamlessly mixed & EQ'ed to death in that old school, funky way we all love then you too will be a believer! (That is if you're not familiar with him of course .. if you are, then you know what i'm saying already) .. right now, for me personally it's ALL about Chicago DJ's, mixes by Sadar Bahar, Jerome Derradji , Bruce Ivery & of course Rahaan sit nicely beside my Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles & WBMX mixes ..

Out of all the mixes I was given "So right" has been getting the most spin, it's got some killer music on it, including a dope edit of 2Tons of fun's "Make someone feel happy today". Rahaan brings the mix to an amazing climax with the live version of Sylvester's "You make me feel (mighty real)" taken off the "Living proof" LP before finishing with a nice extended edit of Imagination's classic - "So good, So right", but they're just a couple of personal highlights .. the rest of the mix is KILLER too, tracklist please!!

I know this mix has been around for a while (I'll be posting the others I mentioned too)but as usual there is always somebody who may have missed out first time round (Shout out to our reader Nate over at deskjobblog.blogspot.com in Cali!), which is why i've posted it again here .. so EVERYBODY can enjoy it & remember! If Rahaan passes through your neighbourhood be sure to check him out & say Hi .. you won't be disappointed.

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DJ Rahaan - So right. by Bobbyhands


SVZ said...

Interesting blog, I like...That picture of Rahaan, is made during his visit to Spain while interviewing him. Is curious, where you found it?
The interview will be published soon(this month)in EnlaceFunk magazine. http://www.enlacefunk.com/

Anonymous said...

Tracklist as far as I could spot it:

Aural Exciters - Chinese rap
Electra - Feels Good
Rahaan edit - ??
Ron Hardy edit - Trust track
Two Tons of Fun - Make someone feel happy (Rahaan edit)
Rah Band - Slide
Lonnie Liston Smith - Space princess
Eddie Henderson - Prance on
Two Tons of Fun - Earth can be just like heaven
Air Power - Be yourself
Touch - Keep On
Rinder & Lewis - Arabella/ Home
Sylvester - You make me feel (live version)
Imagination - So good, so right
Lonnie liston Smith - Renaissance

I will be launching a new Disco blog soon with an exclusive Rahaan set from a private birthday party in London in 2009. Will leave a link once the site is up.


Anonymous said...

Btw, that's not Timmy Thomas' version. It's Mike Anthony's "Why Can't We Live Together" on Stilove4music.


Anonymous said...

Great blog Bobby thanks...So Right has everything! a seriously killer mix! Its been my first port of call for upliftication since Oct 09 ive been waiting for a visit from Rahaan and sure enough he will be visiting my neighbourhood this week and i will be there with bells on...should be a good un. Rock on Manchester

Cheers for the tracklist Anon been looking for a while