Monday, 5 October 2009


After a weekend of listening mainly to Patrick Adams & P&P related tracks I thought I would share one of my personal favourites from that stable with you - "Chimi" by Sine, taken from the LP "Happy is the only way" on Prelude this is as you'd expect some serious synth heavy Boogie Disco shit!!
I've had this LP for many years & rediscovered it recently after hearing "Chimi" on an amazing Daniele Baldelli mixtape from the tail end of the 70's, time to dig it out again I thought ...

This track & one other cut ("Mosquito walk" as sampled by Joey Negro's Sunburst Band for "Delicious") from the LP really do it for me, I think this was one of Adams' less high profile projects (He has worked with Candi Staton, Leroy Burgess, Daybreak etc) & was an outlet for him to be a bit more experimental with the synthesizer & boy does it work!!
Those of you familiar with Adams' work already will know what I mean, you only have to listen to any of his Cloud One material which is very synth heavy & very spaced out ... for the uninitiated just have a listen to another couple of faves of mine - "Atmosphere strut" & "Disco juice" on P&P to hear Patrick's trademark squiggly synths, great!!

This is a straight up incessant groove, complete with Pat's synths & some dope vibes all the way through, it sounds like it could easily be a Cloud One record with it's subtle shuffling drums, I love it & hope you guys out there dig it too ...


Sine - Chimi by Bobbyhands

PS - Just as a little bonus, HERE is another stone cold classic Patrick Adams classic (In my opinion, anyway!) that someone had the good grace to post up on Youtube in it's 12" glory for us to enjoy, I'm still trying to find an original 12" of this that dosen't cost the earth, it's on my ever expanding list of wants!! Just sit back & check those flanged hi-hats midway through, Woosh!!

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