Thursday, 1 April 2010


I LOVE this label.

I bought their "Family Album" CD comp & "Ball Players" 7 inch last week & was getting ready to be underwhelmed.. I don't know why, maybe it's because there's been a real lack of quality stuff coming out recently, I feel a lil' uninspired, I expected yet another comp of lackluster tunes passing themselves off as "Disco" or "Boogie" or i'd had a couple of record buying trips that yielded some pretty pony stuff & was just down generally... either way, when I got home & listened to them both they blew my fuckin' socks off, pure quality.

Now i'm going to make an effort & support PPU wherever I see it.

I mean, this video is DOPE, right? What's not to like? & It's obvious to me these guys really love what they're doing & their hearts are in it & they are re-releasing killer obscure records that truly deserve a re-release, which is rare in today's world of records where everyone's mother is doing re-edits, re-issues & spinning "Disco-Boogie-Synth-psych-funk" & wheeling out any old tosh... all that and the artwork is cool too.

Nuff said.

Check out their online record store HERE too.

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Anonymous said...

great blog, super spacey tunes!
perhaps you´ll like our first mix, less funky more cosmic