Tuesday, 6 April 2010


....Of course, I could be wrong.

This lil' beauty landed in my lap a couple of years ago & has since sat on my top shelf gathering dust along with 100's of other CD-R's here at TGDHQ...

Until now!!

An old friend who had an old friend who happened to host a prime-time radio show here in London on one of the 'big' stations (I'm not at liberty to say...Oh OK, XFM!) obtained & handed me this non-descript CD-R a couple of summers ago, telling me who it was by & that I should 'Check it out...'
I got around to checking it out eventually, a bit perplexed on the first few go's, thinking 'Damn, this isn't even mixed!' but gradually started enjoying the loose mixing & pretty bugged-out selection which make it an interesting listen.
I was informed at the time that this mix had been pre-recorded for said radio station for the 'guest DJ' section of the show but then it never got aired, thus making it a little bit of an exclusive gem... My sources tell me it was available for a short time as a Stones Throw Podcast so here it is again...

I'm pretty much 99% certain that anyone reading this Blog is familiar with PEANUT BUTTER WOLF or his record label STONES THROW & all the amazing artists, releases & music they're responsible for, so i'm not going to bother writing an extensive discography this time, check the links!!

Having revisited the mix this afternoon I can tell you there's a bit of something for everyone on here, One of my favourite records EVER, some insane Disco-Rap in the shape of 'The Grandmaster Lover', Electro, JazzFunk, Breaks, HipHop, Psych, high school anti-drugs raps & even THE CURE live, covering THE DOORS 'Hello, I love you' taken, amazingly, from The Jonathan Ross show on BBC.

Check it out.

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Un-aired Peanut Butter Wolf Radio mix. by Bobbyhands

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