Wednesday, 28 October 2009


As we have LEO ZERO coming down to play at SPECIAL NEEDS this Saturday I thought I'd post a record that he has edited, Scandel - 'Just let me dance'. I picked up this 12" a wee while back and its been on heavy rotation since. Now, when someone edits a track that I dig as much as this one I tend to turn my nose up a wee bit. But that is not the case here, LEO has dubbed this out in a way that only he can, his editing is stuttered yet seamless?. Have a listen to the creative cutting and looping, the way he combines the vox with the piano line around the 3 minute mark is simply magic.

The original was released on SAM, one of the greats as far as disco labels go. Over on they state that this could have been Jim Burgess' last work before he died. They also point out how it's almost a bridge between the 70's and 80's. It was in fact released in 1980 and the strings are certainly a sound more synonymous with the late 70's, while the rap during the break is definitely a taste of what was to come in the 80's. One thing that I have to mention is the production, this is Burgess at his best. Everything is on point, the string arrangements, the FULL team of vocalists, the guitar licks, the fender rhodes, THAT bass line.. They just don't make dance music like this anymore!

While doing some research for this post, I came across Its a website dedicated to selling music in digital format, what I like about it is they give you the option of buying your track or 'file' in 192k, 320k or WAV format. DJ's reading this, if you are going to use Serato or CD's, please try to use WAV files.

SAM records was set up by the late Sam Weiss in 1976 and it was his son that eventually started Nervous records (yes, the hip hop label). It seems that Nervous are reissuing some of the back catalogue of SAM releases. HERE you can buy a WAV of 'Just let me dance' from traxsource for a measly $2.74US. To read more about SAM, one of the power houses in disco music click HERE.

Sorry peeps, low quality mp3 of this one...
Scandel - Just let me dance by Mr. Smith

You can buy the edit which came out this year on Glory's HERE from juno.
Just Dance (Leo Zero Rework) by Mr. Smith

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