Wednesday, 21 October 2009


As promised dear readers, here's the second live mix from Italian DJ deity Daniele Baldelli (I think it's late 70's / early 80's? If anyone has any info, please contact us).
Still more on a Disco tip than any of his "Cosmic" offerings but just as well mixed & executed as the NYE one i posted not long ago. This one is also a real treat..

Compared to the NYE mix this one is a bit more frenzied & Baldelli throws in some serious leftfield selections - Tony Silvester's porno-Disco killer "Pazuzu" & Davis Import's "I'm glad you're mine" alongside tracks like Silvetti's Salsoul classic "Spring rain" & LTD's "Back in love again" & tracks from tartan terrorists The Baycity Rollers (!) & an absolute killer from glam rockers The Sweet! As you can imagine there are lot's of other incredible records on there i'd give my right arm for!
This mix has all the exact same hallmarks & qualities as the NYE mix, & that's why i'm assuming they're from the same period .. bascally, this is essential old school Baldelli.

The same thing applies here too as last time, some people who are out there in DJ land could really do with listening to these mixes, I mean, they're inspirational, honestly, I've studied these mixes over & over again (I know, geek!) but as a DJ myself, i've learnt alot from them too .. that's what's missing these days, people don't study their art anymore .. it's all instant gratification & rubbish MP3 quality DJing .. people don't wanna go looking for records .. Anyways ..
OK. Enough grumbling, hope you guys enjoy this mix as much as you did the last installment.


Daniele Baldelli - Live mix no.2 by Bobbyhands

PS - If anyone has any info on this mix please email us.
(BIG shout out to Xanthe Fuller on this one!)

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Haroon said...

How recent is the picture above? He's rocking Technics SP10s like in the last picture, but the mixer looks pretty modern and the 1200s are stuck to the side. Props if he's still using the SP10s. Looks like a custom plinth too?