Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Here's a lovely mix from Brighton's original crew of left field Balearic Disco deviants SOFT ROCKS which was originally recorded for Berlin's deluxe street-wear store FIRMAMENT & then picked up by me for 50p at MVE.
I've had this mix on rotation for months now, it's been around for quite a while & it's a killer, Taking in everything from The Eurythmics B-Side "Monkey Monkey" & Shitans obscure "Disco Shitan" to the sounds of Voom-Voom's Henrik Schwarz remixed "Best Friend" with plenty of other tracks along the way expertly selected & blended for our listening pleasure.

Even though I just spent almost 2 weeks in Berlin I never made it to the FIRMAMENT shop, but from what I gather it's THE spot in the city to cop your STUSSY, SUPREME & VISVIM gear if that's your bag & apparently they even stock JUNIOR BOY'S OWN tees too!

Firmament Berlin.

SOFT ROCK's output is always worth checking if you like things a little more oddball, slower & more left field. DJ wise they always dig a bit deeper & spin a healthy selection of weird & wonderful records alongside disco obscurities & killer underground House grooves, On top of that they've put out a slew of quality releases since 2003 & I can't recommend them enough with "Midnight Drive" & their latest 12" "In the house" being personal favourites. Take a look at their releases page HERE. I've also included a Youtube clip of "Midnight drive" for your enjoyment which sounds like some amazing, lost 80's action movie end title:

Now, on to the music...

Grab the mix below, Click on the arrow on the right to D/L

BTW - If anyone can fully track-list this mix, Please, Get in touch!

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love it!

i upload some pictures of firmament here: