Friday, 6 November 2009


Finally got around to doing some vinyl rips from my record collection.
Those of you who know me know i'm a serious undercover Electro lover & have been for many years (Ever since I first heard Streetsounds "New York beats VS. LA beats" cassette when I was a youngster - still one of the best mixes ever & LA's mix trounces NY's in my opinion) ... so I though i'd kick things off with a personal Electro favourite of mine from the crates - Hypnosis' Vangelis cover version "End title (Bladerunner)".

Everyone is familiar with the classic soundtrack to Ridley Scott's bleak 1982 Sci-fi masterpiece which was originally composed & performed by Vangelis, and over the years the score has been inspiration for sample hungry Hip Hop heads, Motor City Techno futurists, London Drum & Bass pioneers & in this case Italian Electro outfits ...

According to : "Hipnosis (on some records also named Hypnosis) was a successful Italian techno-disco band in the early '80s, born in Parma and founded by Stefano Cundari. It also featured Paul Sears and Ugo Solenghi. At the beginning of the year 1982 Angelo Bergamini from Kirlian Camera joined the band. Cundari had the idea of covering the song "Pulstar" by Vangelis for the label Memory Records. They recorded the song together with Anfrando Maiola from the group Koto. In the ensuing period all of the original members left the project and Bergamini turned down the proposition to stay as a composer and musician of the new line-up and decided to leave the sixty date world tour. At the same time as Hipnosis was developing, Paul Sears officially joined Kirlian Camera's new line-up. In 1987 Cundari released another 7"/12" ("Droid") under the Hipnosis banner. Soon after he passed away. At this point the official Hipnosis-Story ends."

Even with such scant information & really only a clutch of releases to their name Hypnosis' records still get played today & remain musically relevant to DJ's & music lovers around the world who are embracing the whole "Cosmic", "Italo" & "Space" Disco genres & i'm sure played in the right circles these tracks would induce a fierce poppin' & lockin' session too (That one was for all you BBoys out there)!!

I've also included a Youtube clip of Vangelis' original composition :

Below is the full 12" mix in high quality mp3 :

Hypnosis Blade Runner - End Theme by theghettodisco

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