Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I don't have a lot of money, I wouldn't say I was made of straw but I am not a wealthy man. I have spoken to a few people who work in the city recently who are talking like its the end of the world. "You'll be out of a job soon" they say.. Bollocks to them. If all these people who are wealthier than me now have less money, maybe I am better off?

Billy and John Valentine formed The Valentine Brothers in the late 70's. They released a couple of singles on Source before recording there 1982 album 'First Take' and releasing it on the small Dutch label Energy. The single off this album 'Moneys too tight (to mention)' is an absolute killer. Later covered by Simply Red, the sweet soulful vocals are what stand out for me. The instrumental is nice too, you can hear Billy Valentines jazz background coming through on the sax. This is very much a Bobby Hands tune and I have to shout out to him for putting me on to these guys. Thanks Bobby!!

The Valentine Brothers - Moneys too tight (to mention)

The Valentine Brothers - Moneys too tight (to mention) (Instrumental)

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